5 Facts About Animal Rights

Animal rights have become a topic of discussion lately. This is because they are quite important to us as much as we are important to them. Human beings owe animals protection and that is why laws are being made each day on animal rights. The laws are quite tough and defiance to them can lead to a hefty penalty or even imprisonment. This has also seen the establishment of law enforcement institutions separately for the care and protection on animals alone. This just shows how much the animals are important and should be treated nicely with no excuse that they are not human beings. Observance of animal rights can also lead to rewards such as recognition of your efforts to preserve wildlife through not endangering their existence.

Here are some facts about animal rights:

1. More concerned on wildlife

In a deep dig into how the animal rights are made you will find out that most of them are concerned with the wildlife. This is not to say that the domesticated animals are not protected by them, they actually are. The wildlife are the center of concern mostly because they are getting endangered day in day out because of poaching and the lucrative aspect of wildlife attractions. People are hunting down wildlife so that they can sell them out on the black market for good money or poach them for their various benefits. This has led to more tough laws that govern the wildlife species. They are protected by giving them priority rights that are absolute to be looked out for.

2. Awareness of the rights

A check into how much people know about animal rights will surprise you quite a lot. This is because not most people know about them. This is blamed on how much awareness is created about animal rights. If you ask anyone on their rights they will air them out with no hesitation because they are even taught in class. The animal rights are not given much emphases when it comes to creating awareness about them.

3. The top issue on the animal right

It is quite surprising that the biggest issue that endangers animal rights is the rising human population. Human beings are becoming quite many in the worlds as compared to the active growth of animals. This increases the competition for survival and hence endangering the animals in both habitat and what to feed on. This is why we now have people cutting down forests to leave on.

4. Where it began

A trip back in time will take you to where the animal rights issues began. Animal rights began in America and the pioneer of this was Henry Berg who formed the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Of Animals. It was an effective way of preventing animal cruelty on animals throughout America and since then there have been more movements spread out throughout the world.

5. Animals for sports

Animals used in circuses and sports are given separate rights. They are privileges to them and cannot be treated the same as those in the wild. Let’s say a lion used in a circus has its separate rights distinct from those in the wild. This is because they should be well taken care of as they are being used as a career or a business – read article on what are animal rights.